Agrigrain Group

AgriGrain Services is a company located in Santos, operating in the national and international market, formed by professionals with extensive experience in agribusiness and a high level of responsibility, committed to offering quality services, with the purpose of achieving complete satisfaction of our customers .
We are specialized in solutions for agribusiness companies, such as Business (Commercialization), Management (Business Management) and Marketing (Visual Identity).
AgriGrain Business has a network of more than 20,000 agribusiness contacts that offers:

  • Preparation of Commercial Strategy;
  • Customer prospecting;
  • Domestic and foreign market;
  • Intermediation of products and services such as grains, fertilizers, feed additives, grain storage, road, rail and waterway freight.
AgriGrain Management offers its clients a complete consultancy. Through a network of partners we offer a portfolio of options with quality and safety.

  • Funding of Financial Resources;
  • Training aimed at the technical evolution of each professional;
  • Implementation of the business management project;
  • Monitoring and presentation of results.

Visual Identity

  • Visual identity study
  • Logo creation
  • Email signatures
  • Business cards, promotional materials
  • Social Media

Institutional Site

  • Innovative Layout
  • Responsive Layout
  • Administrative Panel
  • Hosting and domain settings
  • Wordpress
  • Image bank
  • Whatshapp service